Registry and Databaseinfo

Please read the registration conditions carefully. You will only be granted access to the Wikidoes database if you indicate you accept them in full.

It is possible to transmit data  even without registering. This is the best solution for schapendoes owners who want to participate in the Wikidoes programme but are not interested in using the database.

Registration conditions

After registration you get automaticaly a Trial account.

Trial account:


  • none

Access to:

  • basic data on all schapendoezen in the database
  • pedigree information
  • no access to further information
This account will be limited to 14 days.

Full account:


  • you are required to transfer all data about your dog/dogs; breeders and stud owners and furthermore required to add information about their litters
  • to agree to allow all other database users to have full view of your data
  • to agree that your data can be made available to breeding commissions or research institutes (breeding commissions and research institutes, however, have no claims on data in the Wikidoes database)
  • all full account users are required to update their data (both dog data and litter data) twice a year (1 January and 1 July). If updates are not provided, full accounts will be downgraded into test accounts.

Access to:

  • basic data on all schapendoezen in the database
  • pedigree information
  • access to all further information

Database information:

The Wikidoes database is a free online pedigree database with a wide range of useful functions. The database covers almost all known schapendoeses in the world.

The database includes the following data:

  • basic data (pedigrees with pedigree number, name of dog, date of birth, name of parents, etc.)
  • data submitted by schapendoes owners, information/documents of their dog/dogs
  • data submitted by breeders, information/documents of their litter/s
  • all official and/or publicly available information with source indication

No liability is accepted for damages resulting from incorrect entries under any circumstances. In each case the original source of information is solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of that information. Any errors found in the database will be corrected on request.

The database administrator will automatically reject any contents that are suspected to infringe copyrights, publicity, privacy or any other rights. Wikidoes expressly reserves the right to exclude individual users.

The dissemination and reproduction of information and documents included in the database is strictly prohibited.

Users are reminded not to use any material that is subject to third party copyrights. The administrators are not necessarily in the position to identify any such material as being unauthorized material. If any copyright infringement is suspected, the relevant material will immediately be removed. In the event of any suspected copyright infringement, please contact the Wikidoes administrators.

If any copyright infringement is indicated, the relevant material will directly be deleted. The operators of Wikidoes are the official contact for such cases.

If in the future the Wikidoes administrators are unable or unwilling to maintain the database and if no successor is available to carry on the project, the current administrators will provide all current data within the database to all Wikidoes users with full access.

Database functions:

  • display of schapendoes pedigrees with pedigree number, parents, date of birth
  • image display
  • advanced search functions (power search)
  • calculation of coefficient of inbreeding (COI) and ancestor loss coefficient (AOD) and other population genetic calculations
  • pedigree tree view for several generations with display COI and other selectable features
  • display of individual information of dogs (health and/or disease characteristics)
  • possibility to file attachments
  • studlist
  • test mating of single dogs
  • test mating of dog groups that can be selected even by individual search criteria with direct population genetic analysis/comparison